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Inspiring the floral industry and its consumers to embrace local, seasonal, and sustainable flowers.

Our Programs & Media Channels

The Slow Flowers Society is an inclusive community dedicated to
growing and design of local, seasonal and sustainable flowers and the promotion of those blooms in the floral marketplace. We deliver exclusive content
and resources to you via the following outlets.

The Directory

The conscious choice for buying and selling flowers.

Find flowers, farms, florists and more.

The Journal

Read the voices of Slow Flowers members and more! We cover sustainable floral design, local flowers and business branding in our online magazine.

The Podcast

The Voice of the Slow Flowers Movement, our popular weekly Internet Radio show focuses on the business of flower farming and floral design. 


Slow Flowers' publishing imprint develops books by and about Slow Flowers members, working with creatives to turn a great concept into a publication.

Slow Flowers Events

Experience and connect in person at our annual Slow Flowers Summit, ongoing Meet-Ups, Workshops and Events.


Flowers Week

Our annual campaign takes the stage during a week-long promotion highlighting domestic cut flowers and design. 

Why Slow Flowers?



consumers to the source of their flowers.



the art and science

of local, seasonal and sustainable flowers.



farmers and florists to make ethical business choices.

Raves and Reviews

Under the Slow Flowers banner, Debra Prinzing's work is helping to change the American floral industry and its environmental footprint for the better.
– The American Gardener Magazine
Changing your relationship
with flowers.

One stem at
a time.

In the past 365 days, #slowflowers generated more than...

98 Million Impressions

...on Instagram and Twitter.


Our Loyal Sponsors

Slow Flowers sponsors support our work to connect consumers with florists, shops, studios, and farmers who supply and source domestic, seasonal and sustainably-grown flowers and Made-in-USA floral hardgoods and accessories.

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