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How to use the Slow Flowers Directory

The Slow Flowers Directory is the place for buying and selling flowers. Slow Flowers promotes domestic, seasonal and sustainable flowers and foliages, connecting consumers with farmers, florists, designers and retailers.


Flower Consumers & Shoppers

More than 800 floral businesses are listed on, making it easy to find locally-grown, seasonal and sustainable flowers.

Tips for surfing the Directory:

Search by category, keyword or type of flower, as well as city, state/province or zip/postal code in the U.S. and Canada.

Our categories include: 

  • Floral Greens

  • Workshops & Classes

  • Flower Farmers

  • Local Delivery

  • National/Overnight Delivery

  • Retail Florists

  • Studio Florists

  • Weddings & Events

  • Wholesalers of American-grown Flowers

Key Words searches may cover a geographic region or specific flower (roses, hydrangeas, etc.) or foliage (ferns, raspberry foliage, etc.)

Floral Professionals

In a market filled with imported flowers, differentiate yourself and your business by joining the Slow Flowers Movement.

Our Members (florists, flower farmers and other pro's) search for flowers make connections with one another.

Farmer-to-Florist Marketplace:

Increasingly, our flower farm and floral designer members are using to locate and conduct business with one another. Our members connect virually and face-to-face, with many forming powerful collectives and marketing groups in their own regions.​

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