About the Society

The Slow Flowers™ Society is an inclusive community dedicated to preserving domestic flower farms and supporting a floral industry that relies on a safe, seasonal and local supply of sustainably-farmed flowers and foliage. Our members are engaged in all facets of the U.S. flower industry.

The Slow Flowers Movement began in 2013 with the publication of Debra Prinzing's book, 

Slow Flowers, and has ignited the imaginations of flower lovers, florists, flower farmers and growers across the U.S. (and around the globe)!

Meet the Team

Debra Prinzing

– Founder –

Debra Prinzing is a Seattle-based writer, speaker and leading advocate for American Grown Flowers. Through her many Slow Flowers-branded projects, she has convened a national conversation that stimulates consumers and professionals alike to make conscious choices about their floral purchases.

Neisha Blancas

– Social Media Manager –

With a personality as colorful as her creativity, Niesha loves to think outside the box for new and exciting ways to showcase her clients stories. Niesha handles social media strategy for multiple Slow Flowers platforms, including the Slow Flowers Summit, American Flowers Week and the Slow Flowers Podcast. 

Karen Thornton

– Event Manager –

Karen Thornton is the talent behind the Slow Flowers Summit and brings a distinctive and comprehensive skill set to event planning and management. Her background in experience design and business consulting and her ability to execute on detailed logistics help ensure satisfying, meaningful events.

Andrew Brenlan

– Editor & Engineer –

Following a career in Chicago as a theater sound designer and composer, Andrew's life has taken a turn toward health, wellness and fitness. He has a passion for movement in all forms. We're so lucky he devotes a bit of creative energy to making the Slow Flowers Podcast such a success each week!

Jenny M. Diaz

– Designer –

Jenny M. Diaz says she is fortunate enough to be able to create designs for clients like us, but we feel like we're the lucky ones! With more than 10 years n the graphic design industry, she has worked with clients all over the country and has given Slow Flowers a polish and confidence and we love.

Lisa Waud

– Membership & Special Projects Manager –

Lisa Waud has an extensive (12 years) history as owner and creative director of pot + box, managing the daily operations of a small entrepreneurial business. 
Like our founder Debra Prinzing, Lisa is a connector, and she is really, really well connected locally and nationally. She is smart, anticipatory, observant, proactive, enthusiastic,
supportive, and lastly, freakishly strong {muscle arm emoji}.  
Follow Lisa @potandbox.

Bob Meador

– Webmaster –

We've worked with Bob and Metric Media for more than a decade on a number of web-based projects including Slowflowers.com.

He has had a huge influence on how we rely on technology, data base management and creative problem-solving.

Stephanie Downes

– Brand Consultant –

Stephanie has worked in the branding design industry for 10+ years, and is honored to put her knowledge to good use with the launch of the Society!  As a floral designer she is also dedicated to the evolution of the floral industry towards a more sustainable future. 

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Our Loyal Sponsors

Slow Flowers sponsors support our work to connect consumers with florists, shops, studios, and farmers who supply and source domestic and American-grown flowers and Made-in-USA floral hardgoods and accessories.

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