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Become an International Affiliate

In recognition of the parallels between the US floral industry and other countries also experiencing outsourcing of their domestic floral industry, we created Slow Flowers International.

Slow Flowers International invites global floral organizations to affiliate under one beautiful umbrella.

Participation in Slow Flowers International recognizes and supports successful leaders in progressive flower farming and floral design in each participating country.

International Affiliate Membership Terms & Benefits

Affiliate member groups are granted the following
  • Use of the Slow Flowers International brand, logo, and name.

  • Appear on our "Affiliate" page.

  • Exclusive membership issued to one organization per country

  • Participation in collateral and educational resources

Affiliates are asked to
  • List Slow Flowers International on your site with a link to our site

  • Provide a written endorsement that will appear in advocacy and educational material

Membership Fees

There is an initial registration fee of $500 USD to join and affiliate with Slow Flowers International. Subsequent annual participation is $249 USD, the Premium Level membership rate. Each agreement will be reviewed and renewed on an annual basis. 

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