Know the Value of Your Membership

In a market filled with imported flowers, differentiate yourself and your floral endeavors by joining the Slow Flowers Movement.

Slow Flowers Membership Tiers


Gardeners, Flower Lovers, and DIY Designers

Members who value and support the Slow Flowers Movement and who enjoy our ongoing Resources, Inspiring How-To's and Featured Content. This is not for commercial floral businesses


Florists, Farmers & Suppliers

Join 700+ members and enjoy access to our Branding Tools, Vendor Network, Directory, Resources, Marketplace and Featured Content.

International Affiliates

Global Floral Partners

In recognition of the parallels between the U.S. and Canadian floral marketplace and other countries, Slow Flowers International invites your affiliation.

Take the Pledge

Join the Slow Flowers movement and help bring flowers home.

Our Loyal Sponsors

Slow Flowers sponsors support our work to connect consumers with florists, shops, studios, and farmers who supply and source domestic and American-grown flowers and Made-in-USA floral hardgoods and accessories.

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